What is Ceramic Coating?

To understand ceramic coatings, it is helpful to first review the most common paint protection products.

 is organic and the cheapest, available in various forms ranging from an old school paste to a quick and easy spray. For decades, “waxing” a car has been synonymous with keeping it shiny and new. Unfortunately, wax is not very resistant and therefore has to be applied several times a year. Some companies claim otherwise, but environmental contaminants and even strong soap can easily cross that thin wax barrier.

 on the other hand, are synthetic and developed to last several months. They are easy to apply, although they usually don’t offer the same deep shine that you get with a quality wax.

Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent or permanent coating that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle (or item) to protect against external damage. It is a nanoscopic treatment that is applied in liquid form, but cures to form a hard layer over your vehicle’s paint.


Ceramic coatings can last longer than any other comparable product in its class

Nano Technology

You won’t feel the ceramic layer on your car like a wrap or film.


Ceramic can keep your vehicle looking new & protect against the elements

More than just vehicles

We may be an auto detail shop, but we will protect any investment, from cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, lawnmowers, semi trucks, and even your shoes and boots!

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